Ever gone somewhere needing to charge your phone only to realize you don’t have your cable with you? Who hasn’t!?!??! Check out these sleek portable cables by NOMAD. They first started on Kickstarter over a year ago and now offer a ChargeCard or ChargeKey for iPhones or Micro USB. What’s super cool is that they will even allow you to barter for one if you can come up with a good idea to help spread the word! But $25 to have charging capabilities with you at all times is something definitely worth paying for.

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Recesky Camera Giveaway!

Well, our friends at Brooklyn5and10 are gracious in hooking up one of our followers once again! This time it’s with a DIY Recesky Camera Kit! Not only are they giving this away, but they are sharing some great CRAZY 8 DEALS once again!

So, to enter, go check out their CRAZY 8 DEALS section and let us know (in the comment section below) which item you would buy for a friend and why (although you should really take advantage of those prices and actually do so!). That’s it!Contest is now over.

Also, show Brooklyn5and10 some love by following their brand new Twitter account! You can find them at
And actually, if you follow them, they are giving away ANOTHER item, which is the Crumpled City Map!

Good luck to you all!

Contest ends September 2 @ 11:59PM PST. Rules are subject to change without any prior notice. Open to US residents only. Winner will be contacted through email. Le Grand Cru and Brooklyn 5 and 10 are only responsible for delivery of prize.

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Nippon Work Gloves

Check it everyone! Brooklyn 5 and 10 has some great deals right now! And to kick it off, they’ve contacted us and are giving four winners a pair of the graphic Nippon Working Gloves designed in Japan. That’s right, 4 winners!

This Nippon Work Glove Giveaway is in honor of “Crazy 8 Deals” at from now until June 30. They have 8 great deals for $8. Pricing is up to off 75% retail.

To win: FOUR (4) winners will be chosen at random. Take a look at the Crazy 8 Deals over at, and leave a comment telling us which deal is your favorite and why. Contest is now over. Here is the link: Brooklyn 5 and 10 “Crazy 8 Deals” Make sure you leave a valid email address.

Remember, these Crazy 8 Deals last until June 30 so pick them up now, they make great gifts! Thanks again to Brooklyn 5 and 10!

Contest ends June 15 @ 11:59PM PST. Rules are subject to change without any prior notice. Open to US residents only. Winner will be contacted through email. Le Grand Cru and Brooklyn 5 and 10 are only responsible for delivery of prize.

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BookRest Lamp Giveaway!

There have been a couple of blogs where I’ve seen this lamp show up, so I had to do a little more research to find out where it was coming from. This Book Rest Lamp is simple in design, yet adds some nice flare to your reading place.

The company that produces the lamp is called SUCK UK, based in East London. They have so many cool items, and do most of the designing in-house. But they also collab with people, and in the case of the BookRest Lamp, they teamed up with Lee Sang Gin.

The lamp is made with frosted glass, which provides ideal reading light, and when you’re done for the time being, you can place your book on top, creating a little house AND bookmark where you left off!

SUCK UK has been very generous in giving us one to give away to one of you! Although they are based in the UK, they have sent us one with a US plug, so this contest is open to US residents only. In order to enter, all you have to do is visit their site, come back to this post, and leave a comment on what your 2nd favorite item is! Simple right?!?!! Contest is now over.

Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time deciding, because there are so many great items to choose from!

Follow them on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook

Thanks again to SUCK UK, and good luck to you all!

Contest ends May 9, 2011 @ 11:59pm PST. Rules are subject to change without any prior notice. Open to US residents only. Winner will be contacted through email.
Le Grand Cru is only responsible for delivery of prize.

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3 days ago our friend Noah Gundersen tweeted he would be in Dallas recording a record. I’m not sure if everyone caught this fantastic news or not, SO I’ve compiled some of his recent snaps from twitter for some insight. Looks like Cello is involved, birds eye view of a sweet pool, Abbey, and a sweet looking Martin guitar. Good signs for an album to come! Come out to the High Dive on May 26 to see Noah, hopefully he’ll be playing some of these new songs then.

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Our friend Kaylyn Messer has lead kayak tours through Alaska, shot beautiful wildlife scenes, and on the side makes delish baked goods. In the past several months we’ve seen her take on video in the music scene like The Head & The Heart, Paper Astronomer, & Garage Voice. She has now begun a series of pic/vid interviews of Seattle folk and for her first of the series she takes us on an inside look into the world of our friend Patrick Toney who weekly does living statue in down town Seattle. ENJOY!

Patrick Toney . Living Statue . Street Performer from Kaylyn Messer on Vimeo.

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Seattle has some ridiculous talent emerging, watch Christian Sorensen Hansen + CAMPFIRE OK do it again. WOW. I pushed play again as soon as it was done.

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Fleet Foxes-Grown Ocean

I’m really liking the quick changes thru this video & that it look like it was filmed with 8mm film. NiCE!

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Whenever I get back to Chicago I make it a point to stop in CB2 to see their latest. Just found about their him/hers throwback cycle set!  Republic Frame / Shimano Shifters / Custom Yellow Kenda Tires just for starters. Just in time for the summer! I like the old cycle / cruiser feel, so clean, great usage of other respected cycle/parts manufacturing too. Bravo!

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impactband For iPhone4

So I’ve recently transitioned to the technology dark side and got myself an iPhone4, and I absolutely love it. So besides all my time and money going towards finding the best app, I’ve also been looking at a ton of cases and bumpers to protect (Sméagol voice) “my precious”.

BaseOneLabs sent me their impactband to try out. Check out their demo vid:

With the 360˚ raised lip (front and back) this bumper protects the phone and allows the phone to still be seen. The impactband is made from thermoplastic polyurethane which absorbs 100% of impact. And it doesn’t matter if your phone is AT&T or Verizon, cause it fits both iPhone4s. You can get one of these for $25 and there is free shipping for both domestic and international orders!

We are giving one away to one of you! Right now they only have one color (black) but if you look at their website, they have a list of colors that are coming soon. All you have to do is go to their website and leave a comment on this post telling us which color you would like! It’s that easy! Here is the link to their site (color options are bottom left): Contest is now over.

Good luck!

Contest ends March 18, 2011 @ 11:59pm PST. Rules are subject to change without any prior notice. Winner will be contacted through email. Le Grand Cru and BaseOneLabs are only responsible for delivery of prize.

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