A short doc that was shot, following Ten Hundred around for a week leading up to his gallery Reincarnated. Filmed by New Spin. Check it out!

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White Flag

Lemolo just released a new song and video. Check it out!

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Ever gone somewhere needing to charge your phone only to realize you don’t have your cable with you? Who hasn’t!?!??! Check out these sleek portable cables by NOMAD. They first started on Kickstarter over a year ago and now offer a ChargeCard or ChargeKey for iPhones or Micro USB. What’s super cool is that they will even allow you to barter for one if you can come up with a good idea to help spread the word! But $25 to have charging capabilities with you at all times is something definitely worth paying for.

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Remember when everyone complained about MTV not playing music videos? Well, now they’re asking you to vote which they should play. So head on over to the link and vote for our pals Pickwick and their video “Hacienda Motel”. You don’t even have to submit an email address. Just PICKwick and press “vote”!
Here’s the link:

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

One of my favorite songs!
Can’t Hold Us Feat. Ray Dalton

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Same Love

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Cardboard Bicycle


Read more about it HERE

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Starry Night (Domino Remix)

To be honest, I probably would have given up after that 2nd mishap……

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Hot Bodies In Motion

Hot Bodies In Motion was featured on our Japan Compilation album. They have a new video out, and if you re-post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or share it in any other way, you can email them and they’ll send you a free mp3 TODAY ONLY! Check out the vid!

That Darkness

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Kickstart Garage Voice

Hey all!

So my talented partner of Le Grand Cru is in a band called Garage Voice. They’ve got some pretty rockin’ tunes and need all of our help!

Check out this vid for more info:

So join me and help be a part of this awesome project!
Click the following week to participate: Garage Voice Kickstarter

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